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2016-09-11: Review by Kindle Customer
The Lover's Eye: Everything is going about the evolution of Jane and Bryce. What time you are in or what time you should be in? I'm delighted to tell you that the second book is as stimulating as the first book. Ms. Best has done wonders in this second book and I am giving a 10 AWESOME DAWSON points. Thank you for keeping me busy worrying about your next book mjm

2016-08-23: Review by Kindle Customer
The Lover's Eye: The Lover's Eye was a great reading experience. I loved the character development and the interwoven historical background. I felt like I was right there. I can't wait to see what happens next. You won't be disappointed in this clean time travel novel. If you have not read this author's first novel, The Lincoln Penny, I would suggest you read it first.

2016-08-23: Review by Kindle Customer
The Lover's Eye:
A GEM in books! Great follow up story to the Lincoln Penny. Loved the history and story line. A must read for time travel fanatics!

2016-07-21: Review by Robin Aronson, Artist, Jinglers Jewelry
The Lover's Eye:
I've been eagerly awaiting this book since reading the first one last year. As with the first book, the author's knowledge of the Civil War Era is obvious and she does a beautiful job of describing what it would be like for a person of the 21st century to have to navigate the south in the 1800s. I loved the ending, and am hoping this isn't the last we'll hear about these characters. Although I think this book could stand alone, I would recommend reading The Lincoln Penny first if you're considering this book for the first time.

2016-07-13: Review by Amazon Customer
The Lover's Eye:
Please, please do another sequel. I think I loved this one better than The Lincoln Penny, and I really love it! Please give us some answers to unanswered questions.

2016-07-12: Review by Amazon Customer
The Lover's Eye:
I absolutely loved the characters... The storyline was great!! I would recommend this author to my friends... Thank you for a nice book to read.

2016-06-30: Review by Amazon Customer
The Lover's Eye:
Excellent book held my attention from beginning to end. Hopefully there will be another in the series. The ending still left questions but I thoroughly enjoyed this and book one the Lincoln penny.

2015-09-30Review by Amazon Customer
The Lincoln Penny: A must read for lovers of historical time travel stories. Fun! Time travel stories are the best. Lots of period details which makes for an authentic read. I would definitely recommend taking the time to devour this book. You definitely will not regret it!

2015-07-06: Review by Karen Rudolph
The Lincoln Penny: I thought Barbara did a very nice job integrating her life experience with imagination to develop a story that kept me interested and sometimes on the edge of my seat. The twists and turns in the story were not always predictable. I enjoy historical fiction, but I thought I might be put off by the time travel aspect. I wasn't, and the book almost has me thinking it COULD happen! Excellent job for a first novel, and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

2015-05-09: Review by Amazon Customer
The Lincoln Penny: Awesome! I gave this rating because this book kept me on the edge of my chair. The story was riveting and I did not put it down until I ran out of pages to read. At first I was shocked that it ended but this writer is good, she made me so sorry this book ended that I soon realized I was hooked. Well done!!!!!

2015-05-09: Review by M. J., Amazon Customer
The Lincoln Penny: Captivating! Read all day, just couldn't stop. So very interesting and different. Wonderful characters and details without being too drawn out and boring. Anxious for next installment.

2015-04-07: Review by B. A., Amazon Customer
The Lincoln Penny: Barbara Best has done a superb job of capturing the sights, sounds and emotions of the American Civil War, but is masterful in helping us to understand the incredible adjustment a 21st century American would have to make to survive then. The entire culture at that time was different so issues that might go unnoticed by civil war era contemporaries would likely cause great offense and even humiliation for many 21st century Americans. Best's characters struggle with those differences, yet manage to co-exist. Only because the author has long been involved in civil war reenactment, does she have the ability to address those issues and the subsequent reactions.

I have long been a student of that horrible period in our history and have always been greatly impressed by the ability of young, undereducated people to express themselves in both the spoken and written word. Ms. Best's writing reflects the wonderful and simple eloquence that seemed to come so naturally to a nation without telephones, the Internet and the broadcasting industry. When people communicated during that period, there was no delete button, no spell or grammar check and no text messaging to explain away what might be misinterpreted. They had to get it right the first time and, surprisingly they did. I love reading the thoughts of those early pioneers because their use of the English language was done with a care and respect that is missing in today's fast paced modern world.

Yes, Barbara Best's story is a great one and I look forward to subsequent titles, but there are lots of good civil war stories. This one is special because she so expertly injected the nuances of a culture almost forgotten. It is that insight, that dedication to accuracy that tells me she has a real future as an author.

2015-04-05: Review by M. C. Finotti, Author, The Treasure of Amelia Island
The Lincoln Penny: This sweeping novel reminds me of Gone With the Wind.  Prepare to feel transported back in time to Savannah, 1862.  It's another place, another time. Barbara Best has done her homework. You'll feel right at home.

2015-03-02: Review by J. V., Amazon Customer
The Lincoln Penny: Very Creative Time Travel that connects naturally from one time to another. This is the first book for Barbara Best and she did her homework about this time in our history and brings it to life for us in this tale. The plot carries you through the book and sends you looking for the next one as the ending is really more the beginning of the next adventure of the characters in the book.

If you are a history buff and a time travel lover the book will leave you wanting more answers to questions that come up in book one. The penny and the jewelry box and their appearance will have to continue in book two but that is good story telling. This book leaves you wanting more so hurry up Barbara and finish the next book in the series.

2015-02-19: Review by B. Massel, VP Antique Collector's Guild, Volunteer: Jamestowne's Archaeology Lab, Archaeological Conservation for Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
The Lincoln Penny: Intriguing! Attention to detail and much research make this a fascinating read. I am looking forward to reading the sequel soon.

2015-02-07: Review by Robin Aronson, Artist, Jinglers Jewelry
The Lincoln Penny: Really enjoyed this book. Ms. Best has a great deal of insight into the lives of people during the Civil War era, and how someone who lives in this day and age would fit in with that lifestyle. Good job for a first book - can't wait to read the next one and see how the saga continues.
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