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Book 3 is underway. The saga of Jane, Matthew, Sophie and Bryce in this epic time travel series continues.

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A Personal Note to my Readers:

When I was busy writing The Lover’s Eye, many of you asked if there would be a Book 3. I never commit to more than one book at a time or plan my books out in advance. So what is my motivation to continue? Four things: a passion for history and desire to write, a heartfelt appreciation of my readers, and a genuine love of the characters (I love them as much as you do).

Another interesting point I would like to share is I have discovered Jane, Matt, Sophie and Bryce have each come to have a life of their own. So each of their individual life stories and the ground they cover are not only seeds of ideas and much research, but have also grown freely and independently of conscious thought. Strange, but true.

I do not know when Book 3 will be finished, but I do know now that my books take at least a year and a half to research and write. I want you to have the most exciting and rewarding reading experience and thank you for your patience.
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