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Coming Spring 2016
The Lover's Eye: A Time Travel Series, Book 2

The remarkable sequel to The Lincoln Penny continues the adventure, romance and tangible challenges that test Jane's knowledge and ability to survive in 19th century America. Be as shocked as Bryce when the mystery of Jane's disappearance is brutally revealed. Discover the secrets behind the key and its mysterious powers. Find out why Sophie must oppose those who seek to control and put herself and her husband in grave danger. And follow Jane as she comes into her own and gains the courage to make tough choices and trust her instincts in matters of life and love.

Let the cast of colorful characters once again sweep you back to the poignant past and unforgettable images and landscape of the great American Civil War. Will the mystery be solved? Will history be forever altered? Will Jane ever find her way home?


The Lincoln Penny by Barbara Best
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